Bronx and friends is the first and only doggy daycare and boarding facility that is run by a behavior specialist. Unlike other doggy daycare and boarding facilities we understand dog behavior and keep a calm and balanced environment. Bronx and friends is the only facility that includes pack walks in our daycare and boarding prices. Our pack walks are designed to keep the dogs socialized and avoid any issues in the future.

Your dog(s) get to experience a kennel free cage free environment. Our 7000sqft home style building is to provide your pups with a home away from home experience. Away from the loud noises and stress levels involved with a kennel based facility. Our 5+ acre property offers adventure and play for all types of dogs from all sizes, ages and breeds. With 2 ponds on the property for the dogs to cool off on a warm summer day it’s nothing but an enjoyable experience as we like to keep the dogs active unless requested otherwise from the owner.

We at Bronx and friends are one of few facilities that don’t use shock collars, choke chains, prong collars or any other harmful tools for our dogs that are visiting or during our training sessions. We strongly believe with a scheduled day your dog will be a better dog when they get home creating balance in your home.